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Although my photographer worked hard at getting accurate depictions of the bead fringe, as is always the case with computer screens, the colors won't necessarily be exactly the same as they are in real life. However, a description of each color is included. (For some reason, in almost no case is the binding or ribbon the strands are attached to the correct color, but it's always covered by trim.) If concerned about a getting a perfect match, I recommend choosing a clear, gold, or other neutral-colored fringe. For example, the spectacular, opalescent acrylic fringe on this shade goes with any color. And rayon fringe can be dyed to match.

There's no minimum yardage requirement for the bead fringe, and a one-yard minimum for the rayon fringe. (1" equals 2.54 cm, 36" to the yard, or 91.4 cm). Be sure to see How-tos for how much fringe to order, application tips, how to dye rayon fringe, and more. If you have any questions, please get in touch with me at fran(at)

Glass Fringe Acrylic Fringe Rayon Fringe

9" rayon fringe, with acrylic fringe #A481.